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Butt-kicking for goodness!

Impressions and Weapons of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 9, 2014, 9:48 AM
We're about a month away from release and so far, all appears to be good.

The full listing of romance options are now available and heavily favor female pcs with 5 possible love interests (1 gay, 2 bi and 2 with racial preferences (that supposedly make super-story sense)) while males only have 3 (1 gay, 2 bi and 1 straight). I think that this will be interesting and I am glad that the race-gating thing was decreased to only 2 characters (Solas and Cullen). More on Why I don't believe Race-gated romances work can be found here:…

Skyhold looks like it will be awesome with many customization options; the combat is going to be tough now that healing is harder to pull off both in-combat and out of combat; The areas are larger than both Dragon Age: Origins and DA2 combined; and the PC doesn't seem like they'll have their agency restricted by the plot like Dragon age II did to Hawke. Honestly, I don't see any problem with the game at the moment...Except for one.

Weapon Style class restrictions have returned from Dragon Age II. Which means Warriors are still only stuck with shield and sword or 2-handed sword and Rogues can only use duel daggers and bows. Despite the fact that Duel Wielding for Warriors is highly requested, Bioware won't implement it...for reasons. I can't even begin to grasp at those reasons apart from fears that the Warrior will be OP or that the classes won't stand out.

This makes no sense because this was never a complaint in the first place. Origins didn't have weapon restrictions and it's classes were well separated and distinguished. The Warrior was the fighter who used archery, duel-wielding, sword and shield or 2-handed swords to tank attacks; break down enemy defenses; control a crowd; or straight-up murder people. The Rogue could be leveled-up and equipped to fight on the front-line too, but they could also use backstabs; stealth; fake-outs and had more skills for traps, poisons and grenades. So what was the problem?

DA2 demonstrated that stripping out features and abilities don't improve the combat experience, it just makes it more regimented and un-creative. And now Bioware wants to continue with this framework of class weaponry rather than go back to the clearly superior model that Origins had. From what I've seen, the level-up system has been expanded and refined for lots of customization so maybe this will work for Inquisition's system. Plus, Rogues can apparently use "double-bladed" knives, so maybe things won't be as bad as they were in DA2.

But come on...why can't we have our Dual-Wielding Warriors back?

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I just started writing my Mass effect 2 Fan-Fic. Please let me know where to put it! Thank you! :D 
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Spielodia Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Professional
Hi. An Instagram account (called "mass_effect_lovers" can be found here:… ) has been reposting a bunch of Mass Effect fanart without any credit (she credit ONE of them as far as I've seen).
I've asked them (well, it's a her) to credit -politely- and they just deleted my comment. I recognized a bunch of works from DA, though can't remember the names, a lot I didn't though cause I'm not really active in the fandom (or DA, recently.

I know some artists don't care about receiving credit etc. But I think people should know about what's going on.

Maybe the group could post a journal about this? Or whoever is reading this post a journal to your friends? or go directly to the artists she's taken art from and alert them? Just any help really.
She's gonna keep doing it to other artists.... maybe if a lot of her posts are reported, she gets banned, or something. I never said another word to her cause she can just block me (and she hasn't taken anything of mine), then I wouldn't be able to even see her account. So the best way would be to report each post.

Reporting copyright infringement on Instagram is kinda annoying, but it's not too hard and you don't need an Instagram account.
I posted about this on a ME group but I guess people don't care. I'm trying a second time but I guess if no one bothers so I'll just leave it alone and keep an eye on her in case she takes something of mine. Finding all the original art is hard because they're so many, it would be easier if people who are active on the fandom can recognize the owners of the pictures and report them.
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Do you guys accept word art? because I usually only make word art. and pixel art. do you guys accept pixel art?
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