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Butt-kicking for goodness!

We Interrupt Your Regular Schedule for OSSUM!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 5:02 AM
Happy summer season and greetings to all our fellow BioWare Fans!

As 2014 is gearing up for the the major convention and gaming/entertainment news season of the year, we're looking forward to the latest game updates as well as preview releases. During this time, please don't forget to check our Club Guidelines for Submissions and  please be respectful of our community's many different viewpoints in your discussions!

I'd also like to take a moment out to make a LONG OVERDUE introduction and WELCOME of our body of new administrators who have been simply amazing and fantastic in continuing the BioWare Fan Club's mission to serve and promote the best that our fan community has to offer to our fellow fans!  You may already be familiar with them as "the people who send you messages about your submissions," but I hope that you'll take a moment in your day to appreciate how cool it is that these  ladies have chosen to spend their own free time in helping to support this amazing fan community and keep it running.  Without their dedicated help and assistance, the BioWare Fan Club would not be what it's able to be today, and I'm much indebted to each one for their commitment, passion, and just overall awesomeness!

It's a huge pleasure for me to be able to introduce each one of them to you, so please join in my excited (though belated) welcome of our new admins! :)


Q: DragonReine, please tell us about yourself!
A: Hi! I'm DragonReine. I art a lot, write occasionally, but mostly spend my time lusting over pixel men. I needed to see more porn of my favourite characters, specifically of Zevran and my Warden. So I made my own!

Q: What games/shows/comics/books are you most looking forward to this year?
A: Dragon Age Inquisition! How to Train Your Dragon 2! Guardians of the Galaxy!

Q: What's a goofy fact about you?
A: I have pretty crooked teeth. Braces are so not for me.

Q: What do you love most about our fandom?
A: The remarkable creativity of the people who dedicate their time to create art and fiction for the franchises.

Q: What BioWare character(s) has got your back in a knife fight?
A: Garrus and Alistair. Garrus for the sniping, Alistair for the tanking, and me casting spells while I enjoy all the snarky banter.

Q: What BioWare character(s) are you inviting to dinner?
A: Varric and Zevran. Varric for the conversation, and Zevran mostly so I can put him in a pretty dress. (...What?)

Q: TruthDawnsinFire, what do you want to share with people about yourself?
A: Okay so first of all, I, like a lot of people, suck at answering questions about my self other than the standard what's your favorite color type questions, its green by the way, though I love all colors. I haven't been making art for long and never seriously its kind of my unwind from my day thing. My writing is much more serious but I only post warm ups on dA for fear of plagiarizing (and the fact that many of my stories need some TLC). I can't spell to save my life, thank you computer soft wares for spell check! I am also prone to talking to my dogs (a golden retriever and a Chihuahua) and electronics, I believe in hitting your electronics to make them work... and I used to despise the color pink because when I was little my room was a VERY vivid color of hot pink and with an east facing window the whole house turned a headache producing shade of it.

Q: What got you involved in fandom? And the BioWare community specifically?
A: A lot of people probably have a lot of different stories about how they came across Bioware games. For me, I blazed through TES:3 and 4, tried 1 but found the graphics to horrendous in comparison to the latter two and wanted something else to play. Hello Neverwinter Nights 2.

Q: What games/shows/comics/books are you most looking forward to this year?
A: I'm looking forward to ME:4 and DA:3. (More DA:3 though). Speaking of which if anyone wishes to talk about their ideas for Inquisition and Dragon Age games feel free to note me, I have quite a few about Flemeth, including her being Andraste.

Q: What BioWare character(s) has got your back in a knife fight?
A: In a fight I would want Sandal at my back, you may judge me for that but I will note I almost said Ser Pounce-A-Lot...

Q:  What BioWare character(s) are you inviting to dinner?
A: If I could invite any bioware character to dinner it would be Wrex because of "Shepard" enough has been said.

Q: RiHouston you know the drill. What's something you'd like to share with the fan community about yourself?
A: I guess the first thing I'll admit is that I am a big dork when it comes to games. I have been playing since I was 4 years old and still find them fun and entertaining. I love all sorts of different games, but Bioware's titles tend to have me replaying them more than others. I use fanart to relax and I enjoy indulging in writing and collabing on fanfics as well.

Q: What got you involved in fandom? And the BioWare community specifically?
A: Some wonderful people I met on dA whose fanart I admired made me more curious to find more and I went headlong into that rabbit's hole and have no regrets. The same goes for the Bioware community, I have been really fortunate to have met some wonderful folks here who are as passionate about the same games I am.

Q: What games/shows/comics/books are you most looking forward to this year?
A: DRAGON AGE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: What's a goofy fact about you?
A: I am a member of the Indian Screenwriter's Guild. Bollywood baby.

Q: What do you love most about our fandom?
A: This is an easy one-the awesome people I have had the pleasure of meeting!

Q: What BioWare character(s) has got your back in a knife fight?
A: All of them because I am such a diplomat. If I had to choose one, I would say my mabari is the most faithful and loyal without me needing to sway him with loyalty or approval points!

Q: What BioWare character(s) are you inviting to dinner?
A: Cullen or Kaidan because I love them both to pieces, though I wouldn't mind Alistair showing up on my doorstep either. :giggle:

Skin by InverseReality-2
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Illustrated Art Submission GuidelinesOk. We get it that you’re busy. And maybe don’t have a lot of time to read. But here at the club, we’re trying to keep up with our motto to collect the best of the best by fans, for fans, you know? So we gotta have standards. Yup, standards. And we’re not trying to say you shouldn’t submit anything just because you’re not a pro. But we do want to see the best of what you’ve got when you submit!
To make things easy, we’ve updating our posting guidelines here with pictures! You’ll probably still want to read our full guidelines if you’re a rules stickler (and also if you get declined) but we’ll go over the basics.
The number one and most important rule: The BioWare Fan Club will only accept FAN created work fully done by you, digitally or traditionally. We’re not picky about whether you drew it by hand or as a photo-manipulation, but it does need to show EFFORT and it needs to be r
BioWare Fan Club GuidelinesDecember 15th, 2012 UPDATES TO Club Policies
First, submissions not meeting club criteria will be subject to a decline without comments. Please refer back to this Guideline if you have questions!
Club members are encouraged to write articles to submit to our Blog!
Contributor status will be granted to long-standing members with top quality submissions; please apply by petitioning an Admin
It's always sad to get a rejection in your inbox, and we don't like giving them out, either. But your acceptance of this club's membership comes with acceptance of our rules and submission guidelines. Reviewing the guidelines in advance informs you of what you can or can't submit, and gives you advance notice of what might be rejected.
The guidelines are not meant to discourage submissions. To make it a great club experience for all, however, the Admins here have made a few assumptions:
a) we assumed
BioWare Fan Club ValuesHi folks!  There has been a some debate about copyright issues in association with fanart on the BioWare communities lately. Without naming any names, I want to set folks straight on what we do and do not allow as a fan community, and how to protect yourself as a fan writer and artist.
Our humble BioWare Fan Club began as a handful of fans who really loved all things BioWare. We just wanted to have a place to share our fan created artworks and stories. It’s been amazing that we have since grown into a real community with hundreds of members. Wow.
As a club, we don't claim credit for creating the worlds or the characters, and do not try to profit commercially from our works. The joy of having a fan community is to be able to share, and indulge in your love of a shared universe. I very much want to keep the BioWare Fan Club as a SAFE place to share and express our mutual appreciation of BioWare works. Please join me in keeping it positive.
We’re a Fan Comm

The BioWare Fan Club has setup a chat channel! Find fellow deviants online at the BioWare Fandom chat.

Dragon Age Inquisition: 

343 deviants said Yay!
58 deviants said I still don't know!
8 deviants said Nay!

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Spielodia Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Professional
Hi. An Instagram account (called "mass_effect_lovers" can be found here:… ) has been reposting a bunch of Mass Effect fanart without any credit (she credit ONE of them as far as I've seen).
I've asked them (well, it's a her) to credit -politely- and they just deleted my comment. I recognized a bunch of works from DA, though can't remember the names, a lot I didn't though cause I'm not really active in the fandom (or DA, recently.

I know some artists don't care about receiving credit etc. But I think people should know about what's going on.

Maybe the group could post a journal about this? Or whoever is reading this post a journal to your friends? or go directly to the artists she's taken art from and alert them? Just any help really.
She's gonna keep doing it to other artists.... maybe if a lot of her posts are reported, she gets banned, or something. I never said another word to her cause she can just block me (and she hasn't taken anything of mine), then I wouldn't be able to even see her account. So the best way would be to report each post.

Reporting copyright infringement on Instagram is kinda annoying, but it's not too hard and you don't need an Instagram account.
I posted about this on a ME group but I guess people don't care. I'm trying a second time but I guess if no one bothers so I'll just leave it alone and keep an eye on her in case she takes something of mine. Finding all the original art is hard because they're so many, it would be easier if people who are active on the fandom can recognize the owners of the pictures and report them.
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Do you guys accept word art? because I usually only make word art. and pixel art. do you guys accept pixel art?
Iazcutler Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
My screeenshot:… submission was declined and I didnt get any explanation. I would like to know why. Screenshots are not allowed here. I just want to know the reason, thank you.
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Guys, the Mass Effect folder won't allow new additions due to it being over it's max size apparently. Is this something being looked into?
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Hi, i have a question when it comes to competitions. When one opens, does an entry have to be new (as in, hasn't been posted on DeviantArt before) or are we allowed to submit previous Deviations (assuming that the Art follows the competition guidlines)?
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